Our state-of-the-art technology system provides unparalleled real-time, 24/7 tracking and status. The technology we offer includes:

  • GPS-based Geofence technology
  • Transport and warehouse visibility system
  • Global track and trace system

Qube Logistics operates one national system for all landside business operations. It is updated in real time for 24/7 online tracking. All our trucks are GPS enabled and PODs are automatically sent after electronic acceptance. Freight is tracked in real time with status messages sent automatically based on Geofences and without driver activation. Any customer can enjoy B2B interfaces on their operating systems with real-time data updates.

Reports and alerts for maximum visibility

Our Gateway lets you see all of your data so you always know what's happening with your cargo. We can tailor reports and KPIs to your business operations and have over 200 key events that generate customised email alerts.

Global, web-based secure tracking 24/7

iQ Global Tracking's web-based secure tracking tool delivers complete shipment visibility. It lets you review order progress and report on completed orders. You can also access shipment details, documents and reports and download your own key event data.

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