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Qube Leading the Esteemed General Stevedoring Council

18th March 2015 –

Don Smithwick, Managing Director Qube Ports and Bulk, has been appointed President of the General Stevedoring Council.

Established in 1970, the GSC is a global organisation comprising approximately 55 member companies. Through regular meetings and forums, the GSC facilitates the active exchange of ideas and knowledge between senior executives of the world’s leading stevedoring organisations and port authorities. The Council also promotes best practice through the professional training courses it runs around the world for the next generation of stevedoring and ports leaders.

Qube is a longstanding member of the GSC.  Don Smithwick sums up Qube’s involvement ,‘ We gain access to an international network where key figures regularly meet and discuss industry wide issues and opportunities.’  

The presidency moves between member companies and Don Smithwick will lead the GSC as President for 2015/2016. ‘This gives Qube an even greater chance to influence the issues that the organisation addresses. As President I can also play a significant role in driving the GSC’s implementation of long-term strategies including those pertaining to safety, productivity and the environment’, he says.
In March 2016, Qube will host the GSC’s 46th AGM and Forum in Sydney, welcoming delegates and their partners from all around the world. 


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