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Qube Ports & Bulk Acquire AHL

1st October 2014 –

On 12 September 2014 Qube Ports & Bulk acquired Brisbane based Australian Heavy Logistics (AHL). AHL provides a complete logistics service in the heavy haulage industry to a valued group of customers in the mining and oil and gas sectors. AHL has modern, safe, purpose built equipment operated by a highly skilled and experienced team. The AHL team has been carefully selected for their experience, professionalism and commitment to quality customer service. AHL has a reputation amongst its customers for being able to safely and efficiently solve customer problems. Qube is also pleased that Chris Miers and the AHL team will remain with the company and continue to provide a continuity of quality services to its customers.

The acquisition of AHL is consistent with the Qube strategy of providing integrated logistics solutions focused on the import and export supply chains.

Qube and AHL have been working together on a number of projects in Queensland and this formalises the relationship. During the acquisition process AHL’s commitment to Safety was clearly evident and this provided a strong alignment with the Qube Zero Harm commitment

The acquisition enhances Qube’s ability to provide integrated logistics services to the oil and gas, mining, power generation and infrastructure industries. The benefits to Qube and AHL’s customers include:

  • Single point of accountability across the supply chain
  • Remove supply chain interfaces
  • Unique ‘One Stop Shop’ providing a single point of contact for all project logistics requirements
  • Quality service
  • Safety focus – single point of contact reduces interfaces and risks

As a member of the ASX200 Qube Holdings group of companies, AHL and its customers will benefit from a substantial parent able to invest in the growth of AHL. Qube and AHL will continue to provide an enhanced scope of services to current and new customers.

The focus will now be on the delivery of the enhanced service offering to customers and actively growing the AHL business nationally taking advantage of Qube’s national network of strategically located facilities.

For more information please contact Chris Miers (cmiers@australianheavylogistics.com.au) or Andrew McGaw (andrew.mcgaw@qube.com.au).


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