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Strategic Acquisition of Giacci to Drive Continued Growth

21st March 2012 –

Qube Ports and Bulk (ABN: 46 123 021 492) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the national bulk logistics haulage and handling company, Giacci Holdings Pty Ltd (Giacci).

Qube Ports and Bulk is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qube Logistics Holdings Limited (ASX: QUB; Qube), a leading logistics company employing 3700 people nationally with operations covering a broad range of logistics, ports and bulk activities.

Giacci (www.giacci.com.au) is a family owned and operated business which has grown substantially from its Bunbury base in WA to operate in a number of regional areas of WA and in SA, NT and NSW.

Giacci has built its core business in the mining industry, specifically in material haulage and handling, providing mine to port solutions for the majority of its customers and in most instances, assuming full responsibility for the supply chain. The company employs over 350 people, operating a fleet of bulk handling equipment, with key strategic partnerships and joint ventures incorporating shipping and rail. Giacci is responsible for managing in excess of 17 million tonnes of bulk material annually.

The acquisition will enable Qube to provide a complete mine to Port Logistics solution covering transport, stockpile management and stevedoring.

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