Dampier Barge Facility

The Qube Ports barge facility is a purpose built facility to alleviate vessel congestion issues in the Port of Dampier and facilitate the importation of large, modular, project and containerised cargoes servicing the general cargo, resources, oil and gas sectors. The construction of this facility has enabled increased capacity by opening up the port for direct shipment providing commercial opportunities for new and existing customers. The new 60m long barge berth and 10,000m2 of hard stand cargo laydown area are located next to the existing Dampier cargo wharf. The barge ramp wharf deck has a section of removable steel wedge inserts to expose a concrete ramp to enable barges to lower the ramp and facilitate exchange operations in lower tide conditions. The steel inserts can be placed as required to enable PAM discharge giving a level operational wharf when required.

Currently, there are other initiatives being undertaken. This includes the construction of a purpose built, 100m transfer barge. The purpose built barge will provide the ability for vessels (heavy lift, RoRo or general cargo) to discharge at safe anchorage, off-loading cargo to QUBE’s specialised cargo barge for transfer to the shore facility rather than waiting to access the DCW.  The barge is able to be ballasted and has been designed to enable Pre Assemble Modules (PAM) to be discharged from the stern direct to the wharf; while the barge has an 11m bow door for roll on roll off operations at all tides.

The facility will also have Maritime security and a dedicated AQIS approved wash bay for large cargo including pipe and earth moving and construction equipment. Details of these initiatives are as follows:

Principal Dimensions

  • Maximum allowable barge dimensions
    • LOA- 152.2m
    • Beam- 40m
  • Berth Pocket Depth
    • - 4.9m CD
  • Load bearing Capacities
    • General Wharf- 10t/m2
    • Barge Ramp live load- 22.5t/m2
    • Ramp infill wedge structure- 10t/m2
    • Ramp Infill Barge ramp- 15t/m2
  • Wharf Face Dimensions
    • Overall width- 60m
    • Barge Ramp width- 13m
  • Bollard Capacities
    • 2x Berthing Dolphins- 80t each
    • 4x Wharf- 50t each
    • 1x Wet Mooring- 50t