Dampier Cargo Wharf (DCW) - Common User Facility - Dampier Port Authority

The DCW provides up to seven berths together with water and fuel to vessels servicing the marine industry and offshore oil and gas facilities. The wharf is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Berths are 50 metres in length with four such berths on the western face and three such berths on the eastern face. DPA prefers to express berth lengths in terms of the total length of each wharf face as these wharves are used for various kinds of vessels ranging from small 50 metre rig tenders to the larger 170 metre general cargo vessels.

Principal Dimensions

  • Declared approach depth -7.5m CD
  • Dredged basin 10m CD, 304m long and 72m wide
  • Western Berths (1,3,5,7)

    • Wharf face 209.65m
    • declared depth of -10m CD
    • can accept vessels of up to 35,000 tonne displacement
    • Berth 5 & 7 is used for heavy lift cargo up to 3.8t/m2
    • Fresh water available
    • Fuel bunkers are available
  • Eastern Berths (2,4,6)

    • wharf face 143.20m
    • declared depth of -6.5m CD and is suitable for small craft and supply vessels
    • Fresh water available
    • Fuel bunkers are available