Utah Point Facility

Qube Ports & Bulk in conjunction with the Port Hedland Port Authority was instrumental in bringing together a group of junior miners and developing a multi product common user materials handling facility for the Pilbara mining industry. As one of the developer, investor and the operator of the Utah Point Bulk Facility (UPBF), Qube Ports and Bulk has been involved in the project from concept right the way through the development, installation, commissioning and ongoing operations.

The facility, which became operational in September 2010, three (3) months ahead of schedule, currently operates at an export capacity of 10 million tonnes per annum and will export 22 – 24 million tonnes per annum by 2013. Being a multi-client user facility exports the facility exports iron ore, manganese and chromite.

The project involved the development and operation of dedicated product specific in-loading systems to avoid product contamination issues and increase traffic flow as well as common user out-loading facility to a new berth and ship loader.

The facility operates 13 stock pads in Stockyard 1 with 11 pads having dedicated truck receiving hoppers and stacking capability. Pad sizes vary from 80,000 to 120,000 tonne stockpiles. In 2012, and estimated 14,000,000 tonne will be received by quad road trains each hauling approximately 107tonne ino the facility. A sophisticated Traffic Management System, utilising RFID technology and traffic queue management logic manages the truck arrivals and the activation of the in-loading conveyor systems automatically to ensure streamlined trucks through the facility and to prevent product contamination.