Qube pioneered the design and development of rotating container tippers with integrated lid lifters – revolutionising the way bulk ores and concentrates are transported and loaded. 

As bulk haulage operators and stevedores we not only build the gear but we use it ourselves, day in day out. We know exactly how it operates and this has driven continuous improvements in Rotabox design and functionality.

Now in its fifth generation, improved Rotabox technology delivers productivity gains, logistical flexibility and environmental advantages.


  • Combines the use of a rotating frame (designed and built by Qube) and purpose designed bulk containers with lockable lids to ensure zero fugitive dust emissions.
  • Enables ores and concentrates to be loaded into sealed containers, transported to port, stored securely and ultimately rotated into a ship’s hold.
  • Container lids are removed and replaced automatically before the container leaves the hold, which ensures fugitive dust is trapped and any carry back of product into the environment is eliminated.
  • Alleviates the need for expensive bulk storage sheds, conveyors and ship loaders and requires no other fixed infrastructure other than a berth.

Qube’s integrated logistics expertise ensures a seamless transfer of your product from ‘pit to port’ with up to the minute visibility of key supply chain information.

Benefit from Qube’s expertise in designing and operating complex containerised bulk supply chains:

  • Product sealed in containers means less chance of spillages and product losses
  • Containers easily transferable between road and rail transport services
  • Flexibility of containers delivers a scalable stockpile capacity and footprint at the port
  • Shore cranes provide good loading rates while ship’s cranes provide redundancy
  • Fewer supply chain interfaces means avoiding costly double handling
  • Single point of accountability leads to clearer communications and fewer unplanned outcomes