Logistics & Infrastructure Development for TasRail

In Tasmania, Qube has worked closely with Tasmanian Railways Pty Ltd (TasRail) to provide a logistics solution for the Australian Bauxite (ABx) Bald Hill project. TasRail are contracted to deliver 1000t per day in half height containers to the stockpile area at Bell Bay.

To minimise the costs to TasRail of handling and then emptying the containers at Bell Bay, Qube proposed to conduct the operation on Qube’s leased berth using extant equipment and a newly designed tipping frame. The fabrication of the tipping frame ensures a safer and more efficient process. Qube engineers have worked closely with the tipping frame manufacturers to refine the design. Qube is confident that the combination of handling support adjacent to the TasRail line and the new tipping frame will generate significant operational efficiencies and performance outcomes to assist TasRail meet its contract obligations.

Qube undertakes the daily rail unloading of TasRail trains at Berth 5, Bell Bay, Tasmania
Qube’s new tipping frame at Bell Bay, Tasmania