Logistics Support to US DoD POW/MIA Accounting agency (DPAA)

In April 2016, Qube Government Services was awarded a contract to support DPAA on a mission to recover missing personnel from a recently located downed WWII bomber in the swamp in Cape Wom, Wewak, in East Sepik Provence, Papua New Guinea.

Qube met with the DPAA mission team leader in Wewak on 3 April 2016 to confirm the mission requirements and scope of works and a site recce was conducted the following day. The crash site is approximately 600m from the nearest roadway, situated in dense jungle and swamp.

Qube was tasked with arranging and managing a local labour force of fifty workers, and providing equipment (PPE and tools), 24/7 on-site security, and material handling equipment to assist with the loading and transportation of DPAA’s equipment.

Site excavation work commenced on 06 April and will continue until 20 May 2016.


Workers have helped to clear and build a pathway to the site, clear the dense vegetation around the crash site, build the equipment tent and screening station

Workers man bucket lines from the excavation site to the screening station