QUBE’s RotaMist system controls fugitive dust emissions and odour when loading bulk concentrates.

The system uses rotary atomisers to disperse a calibrated mist to form a natural dust suppression barrier and minimise product loss. Producing the correct droplet size in relation to dust particles is critical. The rotary atomisers can produce water droplets from 20 to 150 microns creating maximum dust mitigation.

Key benefits

  • Atomizer motor speed, basket size and mesh coarseness can be easily adjusted mid operations to reset droplet size
  • Individual control valves instantly adjust the volume of spray
  • Water meters ensure compliance with Total Moisture Limits.
  • Simultaneous dispensing of control chemicals neutralises odours
  • Maintenance free - not prone to clogging or blocking like other systems.
  • Flexible – suitable for all vessel cargo hatches

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Rotabox Supply Chain Solution for IGO

Qube Bulk was awarded the mine-to-market contract to handle IGO’s copper and zinc concentrates in Geraldton.

The supply chain involves three specialised quad road trains, a fleet of Qube concentrate containers and the award-winning Rotabox™ ship loading solution.

Previously loading their product using a bulk ship loader, IGO has reaped the benefits of using the cutting-edge Rotabox™ technology, which include significant reduction in dust emissions and a gentler impact on the environment.

The Qube Bulk team worked closely with the Geraldton Port Authority over eight months to demonstrate significant dust reduction when using the Rotabox™ compared with a traditional bulk ship loader. Over this period, more than 150kt of concentrates were loaded, with the results clearly showing that dust from the Rotabox™ system is 90 per cent less than a bulk ship loader. This is an excellent result and proves Qube’s Rotabox™ provides world’s best environmental practice for handling concentrates.

"The transition progressed without incident and they (Qube) continue to demonstrate both their flexibility and commitment to our (Independence Group) business by moving resources around to ensure our production targets are achieved." Brett Hartmann, Chief Operating Officer, Independence Group.

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Rotabox™ Leads The Way

Rotabox™ has consistently been the preferred supply chain solution for two significant concentrate exporters in Australia.

Rotabox™ loads over 1,000,000 tonnes of mineral products every year. The rapid deployment capabilities of Rotabox™ have recently been demonstrated with spot and trial cargoes at Bunbury and Geraldton, Western Australia being loaded.

These miners and mineral producers are discovering that Rotabox™ provides a way to reach their export markets sooner and with less capital risk than if investing in conventional ship loading infrastructure.

This returns valuable cash flow to the project early. A Rotabox™ installation can usually be deployed within 3-4 months of contract signing and because of its excellent environmental credentials, companies are also finding it easier to progress their approvals.

Other benefits include:

  • Lower capital costs with no requirement for a dedicated berth and shiploader
  • Lower operational costs with reduced handling and no ship loader clean down cost
  • Fast to deploy
  • Eliminates dust emissions risk
  • Reduced product loss over the supply chain through less rehandling

Qube Bulk is available to undertake a comprehensive review of your current supply chain and provide a report on potential opportunities to eliminate friction points and improve operational effectiveness.

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Mine to market – Sandfire DeGrussa

The DeGrussa Mine site services for Sandfire Resources are performing well to deliver copper concentrate over long distances to port for export. The mine at DeGrussa is situated 150km North of Meekatharra, 275km South of Newman and 847km South of Port Hedland.

The mine’s main outputs are copper and gold, with an average of 400 personnel on site each day, during the construction phase. Product exports from the mine are set ramp up to an annual production of 280,000 tonnes of copper concentrate. Qube Bulk’s integrated logistics solution, providing services from the filter press through to when the vessel sails, incorporates:

  1. Stockpile management and container loading
  2. Road haulage over 800km
  3. Container storage and management at the port
  4. Ship loading services
  5. The supply of all equipment including Rotabox™ frames and Rotabox™ containers
  6. Integrated SCEM system utilising RFID technology and web-based portal.

This integrated mine to market solution significantly reduces the interface issues in the supply chain and streamlines accountability to one company, through a cohesive supply chain solution.

Qube Bulk’s 1,400km round-trip haulage of products has progressed smoothly, from Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) in the initial stages of the project, to 280,000 tpa of copper concentrate via the ports of Geraldton and Port Hedland.

The highest in OH&S standards and on-time delivery are a core focus of Qube Bulk’s client commitment on all contracts.

In delivering this contract Qube Bulk are providing a full service of load, haulage, ship loading and stockpile management, for both the mine and port. Haulage will be completed using Quad Road Trains, Volvo Prime movers, skel type trailers and the half-height Rotabox™ containers. RFID technology will be used to track containers (in/out at the mine and in/out at the port), ensuring that grades are correct and all deliverables are achieved.

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Delivering Sustainable Environmental Solution To A Powerhouse

Qube was able to provide BHP Billiton with an immediate solution to assist with getting their nickel concentrate product into the market place, without the frustrations and constraints previously experienced at Esperance.

This was through the innovation of the Qube Rotabox™ and the exhilarating response time in providing haulage and accelerating the approvals to export nickel sulphide through the Port of

Geraldton. This response was assisted by the excellent work and efforts of the health, safety and environment and commercial teams at Geraldton Port Authority.

That said, it was a supreme team effort and a lot of hard work that went into securing the opportunity to have the biggest mining house in the world as a client of Qube and the Geraldton Port Authority.

All of the team had been through BHP Billiton’s Perth-based inductions, then flown to site for the site-based inductions and familiarisation, plus a comprehensive assessment regime on BHP Billiton’s mobile plant and equipment.

In less than six weeks, Qube was able to respond and deliver the first Qube Concentrate Containers (QCCs) to site without incident, thanks to the dedication of the drivers and management team.

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