Delivering Sustainable Environmental Solution To A Powerhouse

Qube was able to provide BHP Billiton with an immediate solution to assist with getting their nickel concentrate product into the market place, without the frustrations and constraints previously experienced at Esperance.

This was through the innovation of the Qube Rotabox™ and the exhilarating response time in providing haulage and accelerating the approvals to export nickel sulphide through the Port of

Geraldton. This response was assisted by the excellent work and efforts of the health, safety and environment and commercial teams at Geraldton Port Authority.

That said, it was a supreme team effort and a lot of hard work that went into securing the opportunity to have the biggest mining house in the world as a client of Qube and the Geraldton Port Authority.

All of the team had been through BHP Billiton’s Perth-based inductions, then flown to site for the site-based inductions and familiarisation, plus a comprehensive assessment regime on BHP Billiton’s mobile plant and equipment.

In less than six weeks, Qube was able to respond and deliver the first Qube Concentrate Containers (QCCs) to site without incident, thanks to the dedication of the drivers and management team.

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