Rotabox™ Leads The Way

Rotabox™ has consistently been the preferred supply chain solution for two significant concentrate exporters in Australia.

Rotabox™ loads over 1,000,000 tonnes of mineral products every year. The rapid deployment capabilities of Rotabox™ have recently been demonstrated with spot and trial cargoes at Bunbury and Geraldton, Western Australia being loaded.

These miners and mineral producers are discovering that Rotabox™ provides a way to reach their export markets sooner and with less capital risk than if investing in conventional ship loading infrastructure.

This returns valuable cash flow to the project early. A Rotabox™ installation can usually be deployed within 3-4 months of contract signing and because of its excellent environmental credentials, companies are also finding it easier to progress their approvals.

Other benefits include:

  • Lower capital costs with no requirement for a dedicated berth and shiploader
  • Lower operational costs with reduced handling and no ship loader clean down cost
  • Fast to deploy
  • Eliminates dust emissions risk
  • Reduced product loss over the supply chain through less rehandling

Qube Bulk is available to undertake a comprehensive review of your current supply chain and provide a report on potential opportunities to eliminate friction points and improve operational effectiveness.

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