QUBE’s RotaMist system controls fugitive dust emissions and odour when loading bulk concentrates.

The system uses rotary atomisers to disperse a calibrated mist to form a natural dust suppression barrier and minimise product loss. Producing the correct droplet size in relation to dust particles is critical. The rotary atomisers can produce water droplets from 20 to 150 microns creating maximum dust mitigation.

Key benefits

  • Atomizer motor speed, basket size and mesh coarseness can be easily adjusted mid operations to reset droplet size
  • Individual control valves instantly adjust the volume of spray
  • Water meters ensure compliance with Total Moisture Limits.
  • Simultaneous dispensing of control chemicals neutralises odours
  • Maintenance free - not prone to clogging or blocking like other systems.
  • Flexible – suitable for all vessel cargo hatches

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