Qube Bulk

Qube Bulk provides customers with the full range of bulk material handling services including road/rail transport, stockpile management and bulk/rotabox shiploading.

Qube Bulk currently handles more than 20 million tonnes per annum of bulk products and with our continued involvement in a number of bulk commodity handling projects these volumes are expected to increase.

We apply a green field approach to all aspects of bulk logistics utilising the management expertise from within Qube Bulk and specialists with experience in the operation of large-scale bulk export facilities and bulk material supply chains.

Qube Bulk is independent, experienced and willing to invest in bulk export chain projects. This combination provides customers with a low risk solution. Independence is particularly useful in open access facilities where there are multiple users.

Where possible we look to invest in bulk material handling systems and port facilities.

We want to provide our customers with the benefit of our experience in project development, supply chain management, port operations and the design, development and operation of infrastructure. We are experienced in working with exporters, rail operators and port owners and understand the complex interaction between the various players.

Our significant and growing experience base in the successful and efficient operation and management of multi-user bulk facilities will provide substantial value to project partners.