Qube Energy has recently opened a new supply base in Dampier/Karratha to service the oil and gas industry as well as an off wharf location for distributing various cargoes. The off wharf facility is less than 15KM from Dampier port and close to Karratha airport making it an ideal location.


Address: 109 Bedrock Turn, Gap Ridge WA 6714

Services/ Areas and Facilities:

  • 20,000 square metre of secure open storage laydown
  • 2,500 square metre of internal warehouse storage
  • On site offices and amenities
  • Quarantine wash bay services
  • Range of prime mover and trailer configurations to suit including side loaders
  • Mobile cranes to 400 tonne capacity
  • Full lighting for 24/7 operations
  • Forklift capacity 2.5 tonne to 32 tonne
  • Project/ dedicated services between Perth, Karratha, Broome and Darwin
  • Hot shot services
  • General labour hire
  • Trade services such as hot works etc.
  • 3rd party procurement