McDermott / Esso KTT

Qube Energy and its facilities at South Wharf, Port of Melbourne / Bell Bay, Tasmania were awarded the contract for ships agency, customs clearance, logistic work and supply base services to look after approx 13 offshore vessels and 5 barges in this contract.

The contract has run from a mixture of the Esso Barry Beach Supply Base (now finished), Bell Bay and Qube Energy South Wharf supply base where the supply base contract continues until HUC phase is complete in early 2013.

Qube Energy has supplied many services to the contract including:

  • Import into Australian waters for all vessels and barges to operate within Australian Law
  • Full vessel agency functions for all vessel and barges with port calls on a daily basis
  • Third party service requisitioning
  • Crew changes and management
  • Logistics support
  • Supply base functions and all services provided within, stevedoring, labour hire, equipment supply, inventory control, etc

Qube Energy facilities at both South Wharf and Bell Bay have been instrumental in the smooth operation of this contract from start until current period.

Qube Energy have arranged layup berth space full trade services ( hot works, carpentry, electrical, painting, etc ) on barge modules laid up in preparation for construction offshore on the Marlin platforms.

Qube Energy has arranged transfer of large offshore gangways direct from International Container Vessels to Qube Energy facility via barge transfer and then collection from Qube Energy facility by offshore vessels. Qube Energy facility and expertise is instrumental in these operations being conducted safely, on time and on budget to meet stringent offshore construction timetables.

Qube Energy also hosted offshore construction vessels at Bell Bay, over Christmas holiday periods, with large labour requirements for trades( hot works etc ) and ensured the vessel port works were on track to get the vessel back out to the field on time for offshore construction works.