Port Melbourne - Head Office

Qube Energy operates out of 27 to 31 South Wharf. South Wharf has operated for over 16 years offering services to the offshore oil, gas and energy sectors, break bulk and general cargo sectors and also bulk sectors. The facility can cater for up to 5 offshore vessels/ rig tenders alongside at one time with all working, bunkering or arranging other port related services at the time. The facility has been the premier facility for the offshore industry in the region offering substantial berthage, hardstand area and warehouse capacity.


Berth specifications / services:

  • 420 metres of berth length able to accommodate up to 5 rig tenders / support vessels at the same time
  • Depth at berth of 9.4 metres
  • Full secure terminal facility with 40,000 square metres external hardstand space and 15,500 square metres internal warehouse space all secured with remote CCTV
  • Permanent on site professional office accommodation to enable clients to operate
  • Range of forklifts from 2 Ton to 32 Ton
  • Mobile cranes
  • Full complement of experienced labour
  • Full DAFF biosecurity and customs licensed berth
  • Full ships agency scope including importing of vessels, bunkers, cargo etc.
  • Transport services with company owned trucks
  • Supply of trade services such as hot works etc.