Social Responsibility


Through the adoption and promotion of sound and sustainable environmental practice in business, it is Qube Ports and Bulk's objective to be the company of choice in creating value for employees, shareholder, business partners, customers and suppliers.

This policy outlines objectives and methods that assist Qube Ports and Bulk to identify and address its environmental responsibilities and to create and meet achievable targets through a commitment to continuous improvement while engaging in business activity:

  • Manage day to day operations in a manner that seeks to minimise any harmful impact on the environment
  • Comply with and aim to exceed all applicable environmental legislation nationally
  • Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System that conforms with or exceeds AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
  • Promote leadership in environmental protection through employee training and support for third party educational and training initiatives
  • Develop business, community and political relationships with like-minded partners to foster a culture of environmentally sustainable growth and development
  • Communicate proactively, promptly and transparently with all stakeholders, the community, media and government on environmental issues
  • Engage proactively in thought leadership, development, implementation and promotion of new environmentally sustainable business practices

Community Engagement

Qube Ports & Bulk is committed to the provision of integrated logistics services to our customers for the benefit of our shareholders, while contributing meaningfully to the sustainable development of the communities in which we conduct business. This encompasses respecting the health and safety of our employees and contractors, protecting the environment, working with local communities and developing partnerships to support the economic and social framework of our host communities.

We believe that by engaging and being responsive to community needs, the Qube Ports & Bulk builds trust and relationships that sustain our social license to operate. Being involved and supporting local organisations fosters a mutually beneficial approach to issues affecting employees, the community and the Company.

We are committed to providing the necessary resources to:

  • Proactively participate with communities;
  • Implement ethical business practices;
  • Integrate protection of employee health and safety, environmental protection, and community interests into our business practices;
  • Identify and partner with local communities on mutually beneficial opportunities to enhance worker skills, education, employment opportunities, and to support sustainable development initiatives;
  • Make meaningful contributions to the host communities in which we operate; and,
  • Communicate with our employees, contractors, communities and governments regarding our plans and programs.

Qube Ports & Bulk is engaged in a relationship with the Clontarf Foundation to support the advancement of indigenous communities and provide linkages with employment. We have established a traineeship framework to support increased employment opportunities and career development across our national network.

Community Feedback Process

Qube Ports & Bulk welcomes feedback from our customers, stakeholders and the local community. The following process will apply for community feedback:

(i) If you are customer, local community member or contractor and have feedback for Qube Ports & Bulk, please send the details in writing to:

(ii) The feedback should include the nature of the feedback, whether it is positive or negative, the location and other relevant details.

(iii) The feedback will be reviewed by Qube management and a response issued to the contributor.